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Visitors will be happy to know there is a big selection of eateries in Jerusalem. Jewish Traditional Restaurants in the city serve kosher food. Kosher-style has become famous lately in many parts of the world.

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It is difficult to say exactly what a Jewish restaurant is. In Israel, the Jewish community is the largest and is made up of people from different backgrounds. This is what makes Jerusalem such an exciting city. There are people from every European country, Africa, Middle East, Asia and America. They all bring the cooking skills of their country of origin.

Keeping Kosher

Traditional Jews only prepare and eat food that is approved by Jewish Law. They have been practicing this for thousands of years. Kosher is a ritual that all Jews have in common whatever their country of origin. To non-Jews it is a complicated system of preparing, cooking and eating food. To a traditional Jew it is as necessary as breathing. Operating a certified kosher restaurant has many more requirements than one that is non-kosher. The restaurants make things a little easier in Jerusalem. Jewish restaurants are divided into kosher categories. A restaurant will serve one of the following:

1) Meat (bsari)
2) Dairy (halavi)
3) Not Meat or Dairy (pareve)

Pareve foods can be eaten with meat or milk. But meat and milk may not be eaten in one meal. A restaurant must have certifications to sell kosher food. This is why so many smaller vendors in Jerusalem serve delicious vegetarian food. It is the easiest kosher food to prepare and cook. Kosher restaurants are open to all visitors. The practice of Kosher has many health benefits. It also treats animals humanely.

Where to find Jewish Food

There are many restaurants in West Jerusalem. Jewish restaurants are very busy serving the local residents. In accordance with Jewish Law kosher restaurants are closed over the Shabbat. (There are almost no kosher eateries in East Jerusalem)

After sundown on Saturday Shabbat ends. Many Jewish residents of Jerusalem eat out on a Saturday evening. Restaurants are full and this is a good time for visitors to observe some of the local customs. Just remember to decide before which kind of food to eat. Some kosher restaurants in Jerusalem are:

Keeping Up

Kosher is so much a part of the life of the city that even international brand names (Like Burger King, Pizza Hat, KFC…) are approved to sell kosher products. In the evenings a place in the city to meet is at Emek Rafaim Street. This trendy area is in the German Colony a few kilometers south of the city center.

There are restaurants and sidewalk cafes. Locals find a table and order a hot chocolate. This Jerusalem specialty is foaming hot milk with chunks of chocolate. A favorite pastime is to chat and people watch while the chocolate slowly melts.

Many visitors want to have the best dining experiences in Jerusalem. Jewish restaurants do offer a reduced rate for meals between 12 noon and 6 p.m. This is known as a business lunch special and is very good value for your money. Travelers on a careful budget will get the same dishes for a lot less. It is because the locals eat dinner late and the restaurants fill up from about 9 p.m. or even later.

Visitors will find it useful to know the following areas have the most restaurants: Ben Yehuda St , Zion Square, Yoel Solomon and Nahalat Shiva.

What is Jewish Food?

You will be surprised! Cooking styles from all around the world is available in West Jerusalem. The locals have sophisticated tastes and eating out is a favorite pastime. They enjoy sushi as well as French food. There is North American as well as South American steakhouses. It can be seen that to define a Jerusalem Jewish restaurant is not easy.

The cooking styles expressed by Jewish people are one hundred percent cosmopolitan. Perhaps it is keeping kosher that is the heart of Jewish cuisine.

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