Gold Jerusalem Cross

A Piece of History

A gold Jerusalem cross is a fine piece of modern jewelry . Allow us to share a piece of history with you regarding this precious metal There is no proof of exactly when gold was first discovered. But pieces of the metal were found in a cave in Spain. It is believed they were used 40,000 BC.

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Other experts say gold was first used 6,000 BC. Whatever the date, gold has been used by mankind for a number of reasons Decoration, Divinity, Royalty, Wealth and Status.

The first book of the Bible tells of gold in the land of Havilah. It also says that the gold of Havilah is good. It is believed that the land of Havilah was in the Garden of Eden. Many people believe Jerusalem is the place of the biblical Eden.

Ancient Jewelry and Money

About 3,000 BC the Egyptian pharaohs and temple priests wore gold. The metal was shaped into striking pieces of jewelry. Ancient gold jewelry has survived to this day and is on display in the top museums of the world. The Egyptians used gold to decorate their tombs. Gold was also used to make the gods they worshipped. It is strange to know that the ancient Egyptians did not use their gold as money. They used barley.

In Ancient Greece gold was used for jewelry and as money. By 550 BC they were mining the Middle East and Mediterranean for gold. The Greeks had a charming belief that gold was a solid mix of water and sunlight. They believed this because most of their gold came from river streams. They may not have known the origin of gold but they knew a lot about how to mine for it.

Modern Charms

In modern times gold is used for the same reasons it was used thousands of years ago. Polished gold is beautiful to look at. It can easily be shaped by hammering. Pieces of gold jewelry will not erode or lose its value. A good piece of gold jewelry will increase in value. A gold Jerusalem cross need not be the most expensive object. The fact that it is from the Holy City makes it special to the wearer.

It is true that in the modern age gold is more common as a material for jewelry. But the price of the gold does differ. The weight of gold is in carats. The higher the carat the more gold there is in the jewelry. But a lower carat such as 9 is still a good quality item. The jewelry will not tarnish and it is long lasting. A 9 carat cross will make a very suitable gift. The selection of crosses from 9 carat all the way to 22 carat gold is different.

Old and New

There are goldsmiths in Jerusalem who have been trained by design colleges. There are also those who have inherited their skill from a father or grandfather. In the New City a visitor may find the more modern techniques being used. In the Old City there are still a few metal workers using very traditional methods. There are also gold crosses that are produced with the help of modern machinery.

Church Dome in Jerusalem by James Emery ©

Cutting out the cost of a skilled craftsman by using machinery keeps the price of gold jewelry affordable. The gold is in no way inferior because it is still sold according to carats (weight). This method of producing a gold Jerusalem cross means that a large number of the same design is sold. In all fairness, it is almost impossible to tell a manufactured cross from a handmade cross if the design is plain.

City of Gold

Jerusalem is associated with gold. An ancient gold mine does exist in Eilat of the southern Negev Desert. It is known as Wadi Tawahin and is a tributary of Wadi Roded. There is also evidence of an ancient form of gold smelting. Gold was used in the Temple and in Judaism is a symbol of royalty, purity and the Divine. According to millions Jerusalem is a royal city.

A gold Jerusalem cross is not an article that needs to be marketed. This item has been sought after by visitors and pilgrims to the city for thousands of years. Gold has a deeper meaning to those who love Jerusalem. It is a symbol of the city’s history and the promises of its future.

Gold is also a reminder of how beautiful the city is. Even the color of local Jerusalem stone is described as soft gold. A Gold Jerusalem Cross is the perfect keepsake.

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