A Jerusalem Vacation

by Mary

I have visited Jerusalem several times. My love for this country is enormous and it has become stronger over the years. I always feel a strong kinship for that part of the world. I first visited Jerusalem on a school trip at the age of thirteen. It was a part of our history project that year. That was a trip that I will never forget. Our teachers made sure that we were well prepared by extensively covering its history and culture before we left home.

Jerusalem, as one of the oldest and holiest cities in the world, continues to amaze me. I love knowing that it is a holy place for three different religions, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

My oldest son Mark’s 15th birthday is next month. So my husband and I have decided to arrange a family trip to Jerusalem at the same time. Our other two children Tracey (12) and Mathew (10) are also going with us. When I sat down with my husband to discuss a possible holiday spot, we wanted somewhere that balances history, culture, religion, architecture and geography. And obviously Jerusalem was the perfect choice.

Jerusalem has a magnificent landscape. I will definitely go for a hike with my family to Masada, and go floating in the Dead Sea. We will also visit the biblical zoo, the national park, lots of museums and beaches. Our plan is to introduce them to the history of this holy city. I love the idea of walking through its streets holding my children’s hands. I want to feel their excitement as I felt in my young age long time ago. I will take them to as many of the historical and beautiful places of Jerusalem as I can.

I know that my children are going to enjoy this trip as much as I did when I first experienced Jerusalem. We haven’t shared our plans with the family yet. I hope that Mark will enjoy our special gift.

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