Walk In Jerusalem

Do and Don’t

Many visitors say to walk in Jerusalem is the best way to see the city. For first time visitor it is best to start with organized tour. This may be the better option for a person who does not know the city but if you are experienced travelers a good printed guide will be enough.

Walking In Jerusalem by Nitzan Levi ©
Many people feel confident to walk on their own after an organized tour. There are many tours available. It is good to use a licensed tour guide. During an organized tour visitors can see which areas they need to see more and which they can spare.

For the visitor who wants to walk in Jerusalem this means visiting the holy sites. During these walks please remember that men and women need to dress modestly is a sign of respect to the religions of Jerusalem.

Walk for Free

The Old City is made up of a number of religious or ethnic quarters. Each section has its own special character. Walking is the best way to get close to the spirit of Jerusalem and there is a lot to see in the Old City. It is a good idea to set aside enough time to see all the important sites. It will take a few days to see all the sites properly. And trust us when we say that there are sites you will want to see more then once.

The city municipality gives free tours to their visitors during the weekends. On a guided tour a first time visitor can relax. The guide is trained and knows the Old City very well. There is a tour every Saturday at 10.00 a.m from 32 Jaffa Rd. Information can be obtained from:

Tourist Information Offices at Jaffa Gate (tel 02-628-0382)
Tourist Information Offices at Safra Square (tel 02-625-8844)

Please call before the arrival to assure the day and time.

Pay to Choose

A paid tour will give the visitor many choices. Each tour that is chosen will have its own set price. Usually the paid guided tours will give three choices. Some examples are:

Jewish Quarter and the Western Wall
Unusual Christian commune – roof of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre
Islamic shrines and mosques on the Temple Mount

It does make the Old City easier to understand if divided into smaller parts. Touring on foot is also a way to learn about the history of Jerusalem. Religious sites often have special affect on people. But many visitors also enjoy strolling around the markets and enjoying people.

Jerusalem at Night by Lucia Puertas ©

Walk to Exotic Rituals

Jerusalem is an astonishing city. There is always something to surprise its visitors. It is on a walk in Jerusalem that visitors discover many interesting facts. An unusual place is on the roof of the Holy Sepulchre Church. A community of Ethiopian monks lives on this roof. Ethiopians practice a very old form of Christianity. Their rituals are heavily influenced by an old form of Judaism. Ethiopians believe they have a genetic link to Israel.

Their Queen of Sheba is supposed to have become a wife of the Hebrew King Solomon. Ethiopian royalty is said to be descended from this marriage. It is interesting to note that a very old form of Judaism and a very old form of Christianity are two of the religions found in Ethiopia. Their Easter rituals are exciting and beautiful to watch. Local residents of all faiths and visitors attend this spectacular ceremony. Click here to learn more about Jerusalem History.

There is a walk in Jerusalem that shows where the Hassidic live. The Hassidic are the ultra-religious community of Judaism. Their lifestyle is completely centered round strict Jewish rules. Modest dress is essential for any person entering their neighborhood. It is called Mea Shearim. It is good to remember the Hassidic are real people living real lives. They are different and interesting but do not intrude.

Specialized Walks

A reliable place to get information about tours and what is happening in the city is the Israel Tourist Offices at:
24 King George St (241281)
Official city website

There are other small guided tours that last about three hours. These tours concentrate on history and archeology. The short tours are recommended if visitors have only a little time in Jerusalem.

Short tours cannot be compared to a daylong walk in Jerusalem. For visitors who do have the time a day spent on an archeological dig can be arranged. Many visitors love the idea of getting their hands into the soil of Jerusalem.

Joining the tours on foot in Jerusalem is the best way to see the sites and learn about the history. It does make a difference to actually stand on the very spot where great events took place.

What makes Jerusalem so unique is that it has all the charm of an overgrown town. This makes it easy for visitors to get around on foot.

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