Travel to Jerusalem

Christian Religion
The largest religion in the world.
Christian Religion has unique presence in
the Holy City in various Christian's sites.
Click here to learn more.

Muslim Religion
Islam means ‘Submission to God’.
It is the second largest religion
in the world with 1 billion followers
and has strong relation to Jerusalem.

Jewish Religion
Jerusalem had an important rule in binding
the Jewish nation for generations.
Read more about Judaism, the foundation
of Christianity and Islam.

Join the Mystery
A visit to Jerusalem is a valuable experience.
It is the best way to combine fun and
legacy far all. It would be hard to find a
person who was not touched by Jerusalem.

The Real Experience
See the Western Wall. Ride a bike in Baka to
view Arabic architecture. Find exotic items
in markets and bazaars. speak to the man
who makes the best falafel in the world :-)


We will show here the most common ways to Travel to Jerusalem. transportation ways is a subject that must be carefully planned. This is always the best way to assure you have enough time to enjoy the city and have a pleasant journey.

From every part of the globe people are coming to visit Jerusalem for different Reasons. Jerusalem must be one of the most cosmopolitan spots in the world and the streets of Jerusalem are filled with the sound of many languages.

First Stop: Ben Gurion Airport

The recommended (and almost the only) way for international visitors to come to Israel is by air. The airport is situated closer to Tel Aviv. It is named Ben Gurion after the first prime minister of Israel. The New Airport building is called Terminal 3.

Terminal 3 is one of the largest and advanced Airports in the world. The airport provides information about travel and accommodation and it is wise to take some traveling brochures before leaving it.

We collected a few valuable phones at the airport that will aid you in case of need. Please note that the numbers provided are local, for international calls please add 972 and eliminate the zero at the beginning. Sample: local number - 03-0000000 and international – 972-3-0000000.

  • Ben-Gurion Airport – Information: 03-9755555 or *6663

  • Automated Service – Hebrew: 03-9723331

  • Automated Service – English: 03-9723332

  • Automated Service – Arabic: 03-9723355

  • Automated Service – Russian: 03-9723366

  • Police Operator: 03-9715444

  • Lost and Found / Baggage Storage: 03-9754436

  • Airport Rabbi: 03-9752407

Look Here

You can also receive valuable online information at the Israel Airports Authority web site.

Don’t Worry

If this is your first time to Israel, Don’t worry, Transportation is available in many forms 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. We will show you all the ways to travel to Jerusalem from the airport or to any other location in Israel.

When budget allows it is possible to plane your arrival with your local traveling agent or with the hotel you are planning to stay in, both of them should offer transportation services. It will cost a little more then the regular ways but it has its advantages.

Getting to the City

There are four common ways to Travel to Jerusalem from the Airport:

Bus (central bus station in north Jerusalem)

There is a bus service located in outside of Terminal 3 on the second floor next to Gate 21 and Gate 23. It goes to the central bus station in the north of Jerusalem. The average time from the Airport to Jerusalem is 81 Minutes with Lines 942 and 947. For time tables and changes go to

Taxis & Shared Taxi

Taxis, after a long flight the fastest way is by a taxi. The taxis are close by outside the customs exit. (Level G) At the gate you will see a line of taxies with a supervisor that will aid you. Please note: Only supervised Taxies are allowed to operate in the Ben Gurion Airport. It is not recommended to use random Taxi service for transportation.

Shared Taxis, a Shared Taxi is a Taxi of eight passengers. A passenger pays for his or her seat. Each one is dropped off at their address of choice. The last few passengers will have the chance of seeing more of the city. It can be pleasant chatting with the other passengers.

The average rate for a shared Fare to Jerusalem Central is 7$ (29 Nis) and to a passengers address the average rate is 11$ (45 Nis).

Related phones: Taxi Supervision Unit: Tel:03-9752383 (Fax 03-9752388)
Nesher Taxi – Shared Taxi to Jerusalem: 02-6253233
Hadar Taxi – Special Transportation: 03-9759555

Train (railway station in south Jerusalem)

The train station is located on Level S of the landside Building. The train do not run from Ben Gurion airport directly to Jerusalem and passenger need to change trains at Tel Aviv station or at Beit Shemesh station. Visitors who have the time can take a train to Jerusalem. The whole train ride lasts about one and a half hours. The countryside is very pretty and worth seeing. The train goes to the station in south Jerusalem.

Related phones: Israel Railways Information: 03-6117000 or *5770

Rent a car

You can rent a car 24/7 from car rental companies located on the first floor of the East Gallery in the Greeters' Hall. They will provide you with maps and addional importent information. Click here to learn more about Israel Car Rental In any way you may choose to Travel to Jerusalem, We wish you a pleasant journey to Jerusalem.

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