Silver Jerusalem Cross

Silver in Old Times

A silver Jerusalem cross is a popular keepsake. It is even more meaningful if purchased in the city of Jerusalem. Silver has a very long history.

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In certain cultures silver had more value than gold. This was before the birth of Christianity. In biblical terms the Hebrew Joseph was said to be very wealth because he had silver, gold and oxen. Silver was also used in religious practices. The ancient Egyptians used many silver articles in their system of worship.

Since mankind discovered silver it has been a favorite metal of silversmiths. They found that silver was a soft metal and not brittle. This made it extremely easy to form into shapes. First, the silversmith would hammer the metal into thin sheets. These sheets were so thin it took one hundred thousand to make an inch in height. Silversmiths work (shape) the metal by using a number of different techniques: Hammering, Spinning and Drawing.

Metals and Alchemy

Silver has been the subject of great poetry through the ages. It is the poetic symbolic of the moon and it influences many cultures of the world. In ancient times there were seven metals believed to have sacred importance: Copper, Gold, Iron, Lead, Silver, Tin and Electrum.

Electrum is a mix of silver and seventy five percent gold. It is pale yellow in color and the Egyptian name for it is asem. Each of these metals was given certain mystical abilities. Out of this system came the idea for alchemy an early form of chemistry. Silver played an important role in Islamic alchemy of the Middle Ages.

Skilled Silversmiths

The title of Master Smith was and still held mainly by silver and goldsmiths. They are able to take the level of a craft to an art. Before modern times apprentices were selected by their Master Smith to become silversmiths. Only the most talented apprentices were chosen to be trained. One of their tasks was to learn how to make beautiful Jewelry .

This tradition of making attractive jewelry is still carried on today. An example is the silver Jerusalem cross. There are number of highly skilled silversmiths based Jerusalem. They have the creative flair and training to make pieces of silver jewelry. The craftsmen of this city are famous for their jewelry designs. This includes religions symbols.

Rich and Poor

In Europe before the sixteenth century only the very wealthy aristocracy and the church could afford to own silver. This started to change in the middle of the seventeenth century. A new class could be seen. Merchant traders became very wealthy due to the growth in sea trading. Pieces of furniture that survived from these traders are decorated with silver in nautical shapes. Shells and dolphins were also favorite shapes. Because silver was the metal of the upper classes silversmiths were very important people in old times we find that they are still important these days. As silver became easier to get, more and more people wanted to wear it as jewelry. Many people choose to wear a symbol of their personal faith. A silver Jerusalem cross is popular because it can be made in many different ways. The silversmiths have created a variety of patterns and designs to decorate the cross.

Good Choices

Visitors to Jerusalem want a souvenir with meaning. Those of the Christian faith find that a silver Jerusalem cross is a good choice. This piece of jewelry can be cost effective or expensive. Some visitors have to buy a lot of crosses to take home. There are very good quality pieces at affordable prices. They can be plain silver or decorated. Some of the crosses have beautiful engravings and some have the word Jerusalem as a decoration.

Very special one-of-a-kind crosses can be designed. A cross can be adorned with precious stones such as diamonds or sapphires. The piece can be as small or as large and heavy as required. Silversmiths in Jerusalem are highly experienced craftsmen. On walking tours visitors will see them scattered throughout the city. They are friendly and approachable.

Visitors realize that a silver Jerusalem cross is a gift that does not take up too much space when traveling. Recipients of such an attractive piece of jewelry can wear the cross for many years. There are a lot of people who for one reason or another will never be able to set foot in Jerusalem. Being able to wear a cross from Jerusalem is a big comfort.

Since the days of the Templars there has been a tradition for pilgrims to carry gifts back from the Holy Land. A keepsake from Jerusalem was as important then as it is today. There are also many visitors who are not religious but wear the cross because they like the shape. Silver Jerusalem crosses can be worn as pendants, earrings or charms on bracelets. Their quality, beauty and meaning make them highly valued items.

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Gold Jerusalem Cross is a reminder of how beautiful the city is. Even the color of local Jerusalem stone is described as soft gold. A gold cross is the perfect Jerusalem keepsake.

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