Jerusalem Vacation

Luxurious or Cost Effective

There is a way to combine fun and legacy. A Jerusalem vacation will take care of both. Jerusalem is equipped to take care of visitors from all over the world.

Old Jerusalem by Ron Almog ©
This city has tourists with different needs. Some come with children. Others are elderly. All come from different backgrounds. Jerusalem provides tourists services at different prices. It is possible to arrange a visit to suit your pocket.

Each visitor is an individual. Some visitors want a Jerusalem vacation that is packaged. Others want a more personal approach. Of course the easiest way is to take a package tour. If this is not what you want it is possible to make your own arrangements.

There is a lot of information available on the city. This is a place that is used to looking after its visitors. It is always best to make all the arrangements before getting to the city.

Rest Your Head

The first concern of any traveler is where to stay. Time can be spent in a hotel, guesthouse, Bed and Breakfast or hostel. All of these places offer different standards. The hostels are very basic and mostly used by young travelers. But depending on your budget accommodation can be luxurious or plain and comfortable. Many visitors are happy to have a clean bed to sleep in and a hot shower.

It is important to remember certain facts when planning a vacation in Jerusalem. The type of accommodation will depend on each situation. An elderly couple will want a comfortable bed to sleep in. Young travelers will be willing to sleep a bit rough for a cheaper price. Families who bring along their children may want accommodation with meals and Parents may want to use a babysitting service.

All the better hotels offer babysitting services and are well geared to entertain children on a Jerusalem vacation. Examples are:

Crown Plaza Hotel Renaissance Hotel Inbal Hotel

Fun Feast

There are a lot of activities on a trip to Jerusalem. Food is one of the pleasures of life. In this city the food is mostly always good. The cheapest meal in Jerusalem can also be the most delicious. A variety of foods is available from the many ethnic groups living in the area. In the Old City there are a lot of stalls making and selling tasty snacks. In Jerusalem the most famous snack is falafel. It is very cheap and does not cost more than 2$. A falafel with crisp salad and tahini is a satisfying meal.

Most people around the world know what a bagel is. It is a freshly baked kind of Jewish bread. The shape is round and has a hole in the middle. The traditional way to make a bagel is to boil it first and then bake it in the oven. Delicious toppings like chopped liver and pickles or cream cheese and salmon are eaten with bagels. This snack was made world famous by the Eastern European Jews. It can be eaten any time of the day.

Church of the Holy Sepulchre by Brian Jeffery Beggerly  ©

Getting Serious

A big part of a Jerusalem vacation is visiting the holy sites. Jerusalem has a long and legendary History . It is quite common for travelers of all faiths to visit all the religious sites. One of the reasons for this is because the sites are all very close. There are even places that are considered as sacred by more than one religion. This is not surprising as Judaism is the foundation of the Christian and the Islamic faiths. Many visitors come to Jerusalem not knowing how closely linked the three are. They leave with a lot more understanding and knowledge.

A visit to Jerusalem is a valuable experience for children. They will see for themselves that their values come from the same source. It is very exciting for a child to actually see the tomb of King David. See their parents pray at the Western Wall . Admire a glowing Dome of the Rock.

The unity of the Jerusalem faiths will not be lost on future generations. A stay in the Holy City provides a well balanced encounter with other groups of people.

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