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Getting the Best from Jerusalem Tours

When visiting Israel the biggest part of a vacation budget is spent on the plane fare. After that it is the accommodation. Remember that some of the budget must also be used for Jerusalem tours. Taking a guided tour of the city is the best way to get around. After the tour you can go back to all the places you enjoyed. When you know your way around the visit is more enjoyable.

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There are many tours to choose from. Most of them are of a good standard. They cover large sections of the Old City at a time. This is where most of the sites are. A visitor can walk around the Old City quite safely. There is a lot to see. Travelers flying in and out that do not have a lot of time can take a short tour. These last about two and a half hours. A short tour will cover less of the sites. Also remember that there are special tours offered during Festivals, Events and holidays.

Click here to view the most updated list of tours from the official Jerusalem national web-site it is updated on a daily bases.

Accurate Information

It is best to use a licensed tour guide. Being part of a group is the safest. But there are always people out on the streets. This is because there are so many sites in the Old City. There are too many spots to see in one day. If the sightseeing tours can be spread over time the visits will be more relaxed. Each of the religious sites has a long history. There is a lot of information to take in.

For most visitors their Jerusalem tours will include religious sites. People who are faithful to a particular religion will want to hear and see as much as they can. You will be especially interested in all the stories about the sacred sites. For this reason the guide must have an excellent knowledge of all the facts concerning a particular site. It is also very interesting to learn about other religions and to visit those sites.

Finding Landmarks

Jerusalem is known as a beautiful city. The history of its people is very interesting and affects all Jews, Christians and Muslims. Many visitors want to see the gates of Jerusalem. In Torah the gates are described in a very poetic way. Even in the English language it is beautiful and inspiring. Most of the tours do take visitors to the gates. But not all the gates are visited on one tour:
Golden Gate
Herods’s Gate
Lion’s Gate
Zion Gate
Damascus Gate
Jaffa Gate
Dung Gate
Sha’ar HaGai

Visitors quickly learn the gates make good landmarks. They are very useful when walking around without a guide. The gates have their own history and are entrances to the city of Jerusalem. The Old City is walled in. The walls are so thick and strong there is a walkway on top. Some of the best views of the city and countryside are seen from the walls of Jerusalem.

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Private or Not

A good place to get information about Jerusalem tours is the Tourist Center at the Jaffa Gate. They keep maps and brochures to make your stay an easy one. We do recommend you to bring a guide to Jerusalem with you from your local book store at your own language. Click here to read more about Jerusalem Guides.

If you are booked into a hotel the reception will have all the information you need. The Tourist Center will also tell you about bus tours. If a visitor prefers not to walk a bus tour is available. There are private tours as well as municipal tours. The private tours should be run by licensed guides.

There are exciting private tours for Bar and Bat Mitzvahs. This is a very special event in the life of a Jewish boy or girl. It is when the boy or girl becomes fully responsible to observe the commandments of Torah. This happens when a boy is 13 and a girl is 12. Many families choose to celebrate this occasion with a special Jerusalem tour. The tour operator will arrange for the ceremony to be performed at the Western Wall.

Facts and Figures

Historical and archeological tours cannot be less than half a day. They usually cover the Old City and Mount of Olives and cost about $12 to $18.

Jewish Quarter and the Western Wall tours take up half a day. The tour starts in the New City and costs about $10.

Other tours will cover the topics of food, architecture, ethnic diversity, geographic areas and marketplaces. At times there are city tours offered free of charge. Details of all including free tours can be obtained from tourist information centers:

Safra Square 3
Sun – Thurs 09.00 – 16.30
Fri 09.00 – 13.00
Tel 02-6258844

Jaffa Gate
Sun – Thurs 08.00 – 19.00
Fri 08.00 – 16.00
Tel 02-6280382

Christian Information Center
at Jaffa Gate
Mon – Sat 08.30 – 13.00
Tel 02-6272692

There are tour operators that have been in operation for long enough to be reliable. There is a tour to fit nearly every subject about Jerusalem. To assist all of the international travelers, tours can be explained in many different languages. This is done by means of audio equipment.

While on Jerusalem tours every effort is made for visitors to be safe, comfortable and informed.

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