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Every year, day by day, millions of visitors pass through Jerusalem. Tourism in the city is in very good standard. The sites that you want to see are well managed. There is a lot of information about them available. Coming from other countries you might want to know about

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transport , safety, sightseeing and all the important services for international visitors. Well you are in the right place.

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Knowing about the life in Jerusalem helps will make your journey a much pleasant one. There is a lot to see in Jerusalem and it is useful to plan a trip ahead. At certain times of the year the city is more crowded. This happens when there are religious festivals . For example at Christmas and Easter the accommodation fills up very quickly. It is always better to book accommodation long before coming to Jerusalem.

Getting Around

Many people choose to walk around Jerusalem. Good tourism services have made it possible for visitors to take a map and see the Old City on foot. This is a good way to get the feeling of this place. It is always better to have enough time for it. A visitor will see all the important sites. The real life of the city will be close by. Walking is a good way to talk to some of the local people. You can also take a a guided tour tour to show you around.

But walking is not the answer for everybody. Those who prefer can use public transport. The bus service is very good. It is also quite a cheap way to travel in Jerusalem. The Jerusline bus is a comfortable way to see the city. From this bus visitors can see 27 sites. They are allowed to get off at each site. This is also a time to speak to some of the local people. The Jerusline bus tour starts in Central Square. There are five tours daily. Please read this Jerusalem Review to know what to expect in Jerusalem. At Jerusalem Tourism, Small Things Make a Difference

Get the most out of Jerusalem! Be prepared; plan the route before going off on a walk to see the sites. A good map of the city is a must for all visitors. It is better to stick to the marked routes of the map. Local people are helpful. But they know a number of routes to the same site. This can be confusing to a visitor but since the sites are close to each other you almost cannot go wrong. Jerusalem is a time to enjoy.

In Safe Hands The city of Jerusalem is well protected by Israeli forces. Every person who visits Jerusalem knows there is political instability. This situation does not seem to stop the visitors from coming to the Hoy City. Visitors will be pleased to see there are soldiers and policemen to take care of the city for all people everywhere.

Even on the trip of a lifetime a mishap can happen. What is important is that the medical care in Jerusalem is in high standard. And although we hope you wont need them there are many doctors and nurses highly trained to take care of any slip-ups. There is a modern and well managed hospital in the city called Shaare Zedek it is 105 years old!

Shaare Zedek
12 Bayit Street Jerusalem
Tel: 02-6666666
Tel: 02-6555111
Fax: 02-6522950
Web Site

And in case of emergency you can call from any phone in Israel to the emergency medical services at 101.

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Many visitors make the gates a special part of their experience in Jerusalem. Visitors can take tours to include these entrances and exits. The gates can be used as landmarks to get around. They also make using a map a lot easier. Each gate has its own interesting story.

One gate is very useful because it connects the New City (north) with the Old City (south). This is the Damascus Gate also known as:

Sha’ar Shekhem (Shekhem Gate) to Jews
Bab el-Amud (Gate of the Column) to Arabs

This is where the famous road to Damascus starts. The road is known by two names:

Nablus Road to Arabs Shekhem Road to Jews

Visitors can be certain whichever road or gate they use in Jerusalem they are welcome. This city is delighted to share its places and people. Hospitality is the most important function of The Holy City. Every question that a you may have please attended to by one of the three well used tourist centers.

Jerusalem Tourism Visitors Centers:

Safra Square 3
Sun – Thurs 09.00 – 16.30
Fri 09.00 – 13.00
Tel 02-6258844

Jaffa Gate
Sun – Thurs 08.00 – 19.00
Fri 08.00 – 16.00
Tel 02-6280382

Christian Jerusalem Tourism Information Center
at Jaffa Gate
Mon – Sat 08.30 – 13.00
Tel 02-6272692

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