Jerusalem Real Estate

Own a piece of Jerusalem

There are a lot of international investors who own Jerusalem real estate. Jerusalem is a beautiful city. There is a huge demand from Jewish people for property in Jerusalem. They buy simply to own a piece of Jerusalem land. They are not buying for the beautiful surroundings. The obvious attraction of a good location is not what draws them.

Non-Jews look at the location with a very critical eye. They see a good investment. Jerusalem is unique and property in this city is a money generator. The stream of visitors to the city means an endless supply of potential. There is no shortage of tourists to pay rent. There is a greater demand for property than there is a supply.

Budget is important

Want to buy a Jerusalem real estate? Budget is important. Before looking at any property decide what the budget is. Don’t forget, The price of a property should include tax, attorney and agency fees. If necessary, there will also be a fee for currency conversion. When buying property in the city it must be remembered that there are yearly taxes and accounts for upkeep. These costs will give a more accurate idea of the actual cost when buying a property.

It is useful to visit several areas to get as much information as possible. When purchasing a residential property, location is one of the most important considerations. Buy in the best area a budget allows. This will give the property a good chance of increasing in value quickly.

A Neighborhood to Live

Whether a local or overseas buyer the considerations will be the same. The investment must provide what the buyer is looking for. For a sample, a family with children will want an area that has schools, other families as neighbors and also the area should have suitable after hours’ activities for children. In Jerusalem ethnic groups tend to stick to certain areas. If a place of worship is important make sure it is not too far away.

Central Jerusalem is convenient but follows the trend of many international cities. The more accessible an area is the more chance of higher prices. How much is a buyer prepared to pay for a view? This is a hard question to answer. There are many views in Jerusalem that are priceless. There are even residents who have views of the Western Wall.

Five years ago

Five years ago Jerusalem real estate prices started to rise. The trend began in the areas near the city center. The prices in neighborhoods further away held steady: Zev, Ramot and Pisgat.

But recently these areas joined the price increase. Whatever the reason may be for buying property it is an ever increasing investment. A four room apartment cost $250,000 in 2006. Today the same apartment sells for $350,000. In the past year houses rose in price from 20 percent to 40 percent. According to the figures Jerusalem is the location to buy.

Global Standards

International investors will be happy to know in Jerusalem there are very high standards. These standards apply to: building methods, finishes and interiors.

Jerusalem Real Estate offers luxury amenities to buyers who want the very best. There are neighborhoods with ultra modern as well as traditional homes. The top neighborhoods compare with the best in the world. But even amongst the best of them Jerusalem is unique and in huge demand.

Each of the following areas has its own history:

German Colony (old German style village) Baka (renovated Arab houses) Talbieh (quiet, stylish, up market) Rechavia (green, rural feel) Shaare Hesed (large houses, many synagogues) Old Katamon (artistic, many schools & synagogues) Arnona (ideal for families, couples, view Dead Sea) City (commercial center, tourist attraction)

Jerusalem is a city that offers a balanced lifestyle. There are schools, places of worship, parks, marketplaces and gardens. For the younger crowd there are bars and clubs. Jerusalem also offers theaters, movie houses and art galleries. The city amenities are suitable for all age groups. Anybody who enjoys the best that life has to offer will love this city.

As you can see there are many reasons to invest in one of the beautiful neighborhoods of Jerusalem.

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