Jerusalem Jewelry

Traditional or Modern?

If you want to have a special gift from the holy city a Jerusalem Jewelry is perfect!. The culture of Jerusalem can be seen in the different arts and crafts of the area. The work of Jerusalem Designers is known throughout the world. It is a memory that will last for many years to come.

Jerusalem Jewelry

A Unique Jewelry is made into a lot of traditional shapes and designs. It makes no difference if you want a traditional design or a modern design, Jerusalem unique mixture of old and new is made to suit every person’s needs.

Traditional Signs

The most famous symbol is the Magen David or Shield of David. It is a very ancient design. Nobody knows exactly where the shape come from. The important thing to know is that the Magen David stands for the Jewish faith. The six-pointed star is also placed on many items used in Judaism. You can find the Magen David in every jewelry store in Jerusalem. It can be plain, or decorated with precious diamonds depending on what the wearer likes

Recently, a symbol that has become very popular is the Hamsa or hand. This symbol is liked by a lot of people from different backgrounds.

Hamsa by Moshe Levi ©
Both Jewish and Islamic cultures use the hand as a symbol to keep away the evil eye. The idea of the evil is understood by most cultures. For this reason, the Hamsa as a piece of jewelry is a good luck charm for the wearer. This little symbol very often has a lot of trimmings. The open hand can be quite colorful and is a highly decorative item.

The Magen David and the Hamsa are popular because of what they mean. They are also wanted by many people because of their Jerusalem connection.

Deeper Meanings

A lot of people all over the world are hearing about the symbols of Kabbalah. Kabbalah is the name of the mystical part of Judaism. This practice is only for the most serious and dedicated students.

If you, like many others, wish to wear symbols of Kabbalah. Jerusalem Designers faithfully make and decorate these signs from silver, gold, rubies, sapphires, crystals, turquoise, pearls, topaz and many others.

Background Of Faith

Many people want a Biblical jewelry from their personal background of faith. Jerusalem Designers know the symbols of the different religions and can make use of metals and stones mentioned in the bible to give a special meaning to the jewelry of pilgrims. The Famous

Christian crosses of Jerusalem are wanted by many. Unique in shape and design, In gold and in silver. Jerusalem Jewelry, A Memory that will last for a lifetime. Please read more about popular jewelry and gifts below.

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