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A lot of people plan a trip according to the many Jerusalem events and festivals during the year. Most visitors combine a pilgrimage with a vacation in the Holy City. This means they also enjoy the many other attractions of the city. Throughout the year there are Jewish, Christian and Muslim festivals. The dates of Jewish and Muslim festivals change every year. Christian festival dates stay the same every year.

Festivals add life to the year of each religion. These milestones in the year are a time of celebration or contemplation. Some of the festivals are very serious and require fasting. Others are joyful and festive. Each religion enjoys its own way of celebrating what is important. Jerusalem is a city that welcomes the observance of all its religions.

Important Religious Days

A very big celebration is the time of Chanukah in Jerusalem. Jerusalem events and festivals last for eight days. Each evening a candle is lit. This festival is also known as the Festival of Lights. A special menorah (candelabra) is used to hold the candles. Jews remember the rededication of the temple and the oil that burned for eight days. Families and friends exchange gifts and eat special delicacies. Chanukah will be celebrated 22 December 2008.

Christmas is a time that Christians look forward to. This is the day that represents the birth of Jesus. The Orthodox Churches have Christmas on 7 January. The Roman Catholic Church celebrates Christmas on 25 December. Visitors to Jerusalem can witness both. The Armenian Christmas will take place at St Stephens in the Armenian Quarter of the Old City. The Catholic Christmas starts on foot in Jerusalem and ends at Manger Square in Bethlehem. Gifts are exchanged and a festive meal is enjoyed.

Muslims fast from sunrise to sundown during the month of Ramadan. It is a time of donating to charity and peace making. The fasting is broken by a three day celebration. It is called Eid el Fitr or the Festival of the Fast Breaking. To prepare, new clothes are bought and delicious foods are prepared. All the children receive gifts and money. At the mosques there are joyful singing prayers. This festival will be 1 – 3 Oct 2008.

Musicians and Performers

May – June 2008

Music is a very important part of the life of Jerusalem. Events and festivals rely on the musical accompaniment. The Israel Festival of Music and Performing Arts is a popular event made up of: World music, Contemporary, Classical, Opera, Jazz and Dance.

This festival has many years of experience. It was first launched in 1961. Audiences have the opportunity to see and hear Israel’s talented musicians and performers. These performers come from a number of different backgrounds. Festival organizers also invite entertainment productions from around the world to perform.

Jerusalem events are becoming very well known. The following artists have performed at the festival: Maurice Bejart Ballet Company, Archaos Circus Troupe , Vienna State Opera, Charly Haden, Pablo Casals and more…

June 2008

The Yellow Submarine and Tower of David is the venue for the Jazz Festival. It includes this kind of music due to its popularity around the world. This occasion is enjoyed by locals as well as international visitors. The types of jazz played at the festival are: Contemporary, Avant-garde and Classic

The festival attracts some of the top jazz musicians to perform. Slide Hampton and Oi Va Voi have played to appreciative Jerusalem audiences.

Silver Screen and Crafts

July 2008

The Israeli movie industry is growing. It is seen as a premier for Israeli movies and is eagerly awaited by locals. The festival not only screens local movies but also shows movies from all over the world. The atmosphere is relaxed and it is a time for the movie directors to be seen by the public. The program provides more than movies: Workshops, Symposiums, Master classes and Specialty conferences.

It is a chance to see documentary movies and experimental footage. The festival is held at Cinematique in Western Jerusalem.

August 2008

The Jerusalem Arts and Crafts Festival is enjoyed by local residents. This festival is known as Khutsot Hayotser in Hebrew. The fair was first started twenty years ago. It has grown into a major event on the calendar of the city.

Jerusalem Events and festivals play an important role in the entertainment of residents and visitors. More than one hundred craftsmen display their wares such as furnishings, metalwork, toys, weaving, clothing and jewelry.

The Arts and Crafts Festival is divided into four parts: Israeli art fair, International food fair, International folk art fair and Music.

This festival has everything to keep locals and visitors occupied. There is a great deal to experience. This festival could be visited more than once. The poster used to advertise this festival each year has become a collectible piece of graphic art. The fair is spread over the following areas: Mitchell Garden, Merril Hassenfeld Amphitheater, Sultans Pool and Khutsot Hayotser Arts and Crafts Center

Artists come from all over the world to take part. This is a good chance for visitors to listen to local Israeli musicians. Examine the skilled crafts that have made artisans famous in the city.

Jerusalem Events displays of the best talent and skills from local and international artists. Many of these occasions cost very little or are free. They give the traveler to Jerusalem a well rounded vacation.

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