Jerusalem Bed and Breakfast

Bed and Breakfast Accommodation

Many visitors to the city want to know about Jerusalem bed and breakfast accommodation. The most important need of many visitors is for a clean bed and a shower. Accommodation in the city is made up of:

Hotels Guesthouses Bed and Breakfasts Hostels

The Jerusalem B&B establishments are usually clean and well run. These businesses offer good value for money. All the prices are slightly different. This makes it possible to find a place to suit every pocket.

What is a Jerusalem B&B?

This type of accommodation is run from the owner’s home. Usually it is a large house that is a family home. The standard of the bed and breakfast can be from modest to luxurious.

The visitor who stays in a B&B will pay for the night spent in a bedroom of the home. In small homes the visitors might even share a bathroom with the family. But many B&B’s provide private bathrooms for visitors. In the morning a breakfast is served. The breakfast can be eaten in the bedroom. But most B&B’s serve the breakfast in a dining room. It is also acceptable to eat breakfast in the kitchen.

Why Choose a B&B?

At a Jerusalem bed and breakfast the visitor will settle the bill on arrival. A stay in a B&B is from the time of arrival until twelve noon the next day. A Jerusalem bed and breakfast is really a home from home. It is cozier than a big hotel and more casual than a guesthouse.

Staying in the home of a city resident is a good way to see how the locals live. Many owners of a Jerusalem bed and breakfast are very friendly and welcoming. A private home is comfortable and clean after a day spent touring the city. Visitors must remember to eat lunch and dinner out. Some B&B’s do allow their guests to use the kitchen. But this must be arranged when booking.

B&B Natural to City

There has always been a method of bed and breakfast in the city. It is a very ancient custom of the area. Travelers would stay over at a private home. In Britain and Europe travelers stayed over at an inn. A Jerusalem bed and breakfast has been around ever since there was a settlement and survived to this day.

Travelers to the city have a good selection to choose from. There is B&B’s scattered throughout the city. Most visitors want to stay in or near to the Old City. They can expect to pay in the range of $40 to $150 a night. The average price of a double room in a bed and breakfast is $60. International travelers are pleasantly surprised by the fair cost of accommodation in Jerusalem.

Many B&B’s that are advertised do have a kitchenette and a separate entrance. For those who want more privacy this is ideal. There are B&B’s with special touches such as Arab style houses made of Jerusalem stone. If the B&B has a private garden or courtyard with olive trees it adds to the charm. A top of the range Jerusalem bed and breakfast may have a swimming pool. This kind of B&B is often situated just outside the city.

Daily B&B

It is also true that most travelers are not concerned about luxuries. This is because most of their time is spent away from the B&B. Usually after breakfast the visitor will leave and spend the day sightseeing. During the evening Jerusalem has a vibrant night life to enjoy. There are bars, cafes and clubs as good as anywhere else in the world.

There are many advantages to staying in a Jerusalem bed and breakfast. It is possible to meet a local family. The owners will give lots of good advice and safe directions. They will also know about places away from the busy tourist trail. This will save a visitor from having to wander about looking for the best place to eat or shop. Because there is so much to do and see in the city first hand information gets the best results for a vacation.

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