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Modern Jerusalem

The Old City has an ancient image to the world but it is a small part of a modern Jerusalem. The New and the Old City are managed as a modern metropolis.

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Jerusalem Museums

It would not be wrong to say that Jerusalem is a living museum. Such an ancient city has layers and layers of history. The Jerusalem Museums will unfold these special layers for you.

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Jerusalem History

Jerusalem history started about three thousand years ago. It has a unique history that represented all three monotheistic faiths roots.

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Jerusalem Review

A Jerusalem Review is a good start to know what to expect. We will try to cover all the most important information for a first time visitor.

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A Jerusalem Vacation

I have visited Jerusalem several times. My love for this country is enormous and it has become stronger over the years. I always feel a strong kinship

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Contribute To Jerusalem Sites

Would you like to share your knowledge about jerusalem sites? Great, find out how you can submit your story or tip here.

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Jerusalem Marketplace

A Jerusalem marketplace in the Jewish or Arab quarter is a different experience.Want to know why?

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Jewish Jerusalem

Jewish beliefs have encouraged a special love for Jerusalem. Jewish Jerusalem is the place where the first temple of Judaism was built.

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Jerusalem Christians Sites

The Christians Sites that are most sacred are in Jerusalem. The holy city and the Christian religion are strongly linked together by the millions of faithful who visit the city.

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Jerusalem Tourism

Every year, day by day, millions of visitors pass through the city. Jerusalem Tourism is in very good standard. The sites that you want to see are well managed. Please read more.

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