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If this is your first visit this Israel tourist information guide will make your stay a much easier one. The amount of information needed depends on where you will be staying and how you will travel around the country. The more independent you are during your stay the more you need to know.

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Israel is not a large country but there is a lot to see. The smallness of the country is good for travelers. It is quick and easy to get from one location to another. Click here to read more about transportation to Jerusalem.

Israel is a very popular tourist destination. It is better to book accommodation before arriving. During the summer months accommodation throughout the country fills up very quickly.

A Place for All

Many travelers to Israel are surprised by the pleasant accommodation offered by hostels. Israel has developed a system of hostel accommodation that gives excellent value for money. The standard is so good that the hostels can be used by all age groups. Hostel prices can range from about $35 to $120 per night. Many hostels offer dormitory style rooms as well as comfortable private rooms.

Staying in a hostel is a good way to meet people in Israel. Tourist information and experiences are shared. Often people with the same outlook on travel join up for further sightseeing. This can be very pleasant for visitors who are alone. The atmosphere at hostels is friendly and relaxed. Hostel usually belong to associations and have acceptable standards of cleanliness. Some hostels have a more peaceful setting while others are more outgoing and lively. Click here to read more on Jerusalem Vacation.

Respect for Customs and Security

Israel is the Holy Land to millions of people. This small country keeps safe the most sacred sites to Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The custom in Israel is to show respect to all religions and people. Visitors come to the country to sightsee but the way of life must be respected.

While traveling always carry official identification in Israel. Please try to avoid taking photos of military or police personnel. Visitors will see them out and about doing their job. Do not take photos of military installations. There is a high awareness of security throughout the country.

Israel Tourist Information: General Guidelines

Israel local time is:

April – Sept GMT+2
Oct – March GMT+3

Formal Languages are:

English (widely spoken)


International telephone access code for Israel +972 Outgoing telephone code from Israel 00 (depends on network used) Public phones are card operated (come with dialing code instructions)

Mobil phones use GSM network (or mobiles can be easily rented) Internet cafes set up in all main towns and tourist areas


June to September - Summer

Summers are very hot. The busiest time of year for travel is August and September. Tel Aviv, Tiberias and the coast are humid with temperatures 80 to 90 degrees F. Jerusalem has drier and cooler temperatures, especially evenings. Eilat and Massada are dry and reach 110 degrees F.

Dec to March - Winter

Winters can be cold and overcast or mild and sunny. This is the rainy season and snow can fall in January and February. Temperatures are 50 to 60 degrees F. Jerusalem is 40 degrees F, nights are very cold.

Current Weather

In Fahrenheit (ºF)

In Celsius (ºC)


The New Israeli Shekel or NIS is the currency of Israel. Tourist information on money matters in the country is essential. The currency is in coins of 10 & 50 agorot. Shekels coins are in 1, 2, 5 & 10. Shekels paper comes in 20, 50, 100 & 200.

The major banks of the country do charge a fixed exchange fee. The exchange bureaus on the street will not charge a fee and will give you a better rate. Don’t exchange at the first one you see, Find the best deal you can, bargaining a little.

Shopping Hours

Einar at the Stardust by Jacob Rask ©
Sun - Thurs 9 a.m. – 7 p.m. (some close for a midday break) Friday & evening of Jewish High Holidays 9 a.m. – 12.30 p.m. Muslim owned stores closed Fridays. Christian owned stores closed Sundays. Malls and medical shops are open until 23:00 in most places.

On Foot Guided Tours

Taking a Guided Jerusalem Tours is the best way to get around. After you can go back even by foot to all the places you enjoyed. Click here to learn more about Jerusalem Tours.

Independent travelers? Please use the Jerusalem Tourism Office for valuable information.

Hospitals and Medical Centers

Hospitals open 24/7 but before receiving treatment in any one of them you should be directed by a doctor in one of the local Medical Centers. You Hostel/Hotel will provide you extended information about the Medical Centers in the area.

Emergencies numbers (from any phone within Israel)

100 – Police
101 – Medical services
102 – Fire services
106 – Local authorities

Fun of Traveling

Coming? You have made the right decision, Israel has a lot to offer Browsing the shops and marketplaces is part of the fun of traveling. Israel’s cities such as Tel Aviv and Jerusalem all have traditional marketplaces. The very best is in the Old City of Jerusalem.

The Jewish and Arab markets are excellent for picking up unusual gifts and curios from Israel.

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