Israel Car Rental:
Be Independent

The Way to Get Around

International Travelers can book an Israel Car Rental from their home country. Most of the international brands offer this service. But renting a car in a foreign country does require some preparation. Each country of the world does have its own laws and regulations. Common sense is needed wherever a traveler drives a car. Knowing some of the rules and regulations before getting to Israel is a good idea.

Almost every few feet there are sites and views to see in Israel. Car rental is a way to get around as you choose. You can stop and go as you please with a rented car. This is very useful if you want to see sites that are a bit off the tourist track. With a car you can do whatever pleases you. You are not tied down to someone else’s timetable. If you find a spot you like you can stay as long as you want. There is no need to rush with a rented car.

Value for Money

In the summer months it is very busy in Israel. Car rental is booked months in advance. If you want to travel by car in the hot months make sure you book long before you leave home. To get the best price do not rent a car day by day. This is too expensive. Renting a car for a full week brings the rate down. If your stay is long enough a month will be the cheapest rate of all.

Having an Israeli citizen in your group is an advantage when renting a car in Israel. Book the car in the citizen’s name. You will have to show his or her Israeli passport as proof when making the booking. In Israel, all rentals have a 15.5 % VAT charge added to the bill. Israeli citizens will not be taxed and your group will save. But before making a booking make certain you have a valid foreign driver’s license. An international license is not required in Israel.

Safety First

In Israel, driving is done on the right side of the road. This may take some concentration if coming from countries like Britain and Australia. Because driving is on the right-hand side the steering wheel is on the left of the dashboard. Israeli drivers are known to be a bit impatient. But it is best for visitors to take the time to drive safely.

Passengers in the front and back have to wear seat belts at all times. Young children must have special child-safety car seats. Children younger than 12 may not sit in the front unless in a child-safety car seat. Make sure you request a seat if traveling with children.

Driving From the Airport

It is possible to rent a car on arrival at Ben Gurion in Israel. Israel Car Rental agents can be found throughout the country. They are reliable. Once you have your car you can make your way to Jerusalem or Tel Aviv. Along the coast from Tel Aviv is the excavated Roman Port and Crusader City. A restored Roman amphitheater is used for concerts. Visitors find the local Druze villages, customs and beliefs different and interesting.

See the spectacular view of Haifa Bay and Western Galilee. The best view is from the top of Mount Carmel. At the golden Bahai temple they have built and planted beautiful Persian Gardens. A visit to the heart of Jewish mysticism takes travelers to Safed. This city has very old synagogues. There is also an artists’ colony. Many of the artists are inspired by Kabalistic themes.

Jerusalem it self is divided into the New City and the Old City. The Old City is best see on foot. Driving to there is possible. There is a parking lot at the Jaffa Gate. The Old City is divided into Quarters: Jewish, Armenian, Christian and Muslim. Many sacred sites can be seen in the Old City. Religious sites outside the walls of the Jerusalem do have parking facilities. This includes the Western Wall .

Last Notes

From November to April car lights must be on any time of the day or night. There is extra help for new drivers traveling through the country. Keep safe in an Israel Car Rental with a navigations system (GPS). This system can be rented with the car. It makes getting around easy and stress-free for the driver.

Speed Limits: urban areas 50 km/h (aprox 31 miles) inter-city roads 90 km/h (aprox 56 miles)

(unless otherwise stated)

Road Signs in: Hebrew Arabic English

Israel Car Rental, A self-drive vacation is an enjoyable and free-spirited means of traveling through Israel.

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