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Alone or Accompanied Guide to Jerusalem

The best way to get valuable and fast information is from a good guide to Jerusalem, Just pick a book at your local book store and it should be more then enough to get around. You can also get reliable information from tourist centers. There is such a center for visitors at the Jaffa Gate. But note that not all the information there is free. You can pick up brochures and leaflets. Make sure to ask for a map of the city.

David Street by David King ©


The same tourist center has a recorded self guide to Jerusalem. These audio guides can be rented for a whole day and come in several languages. They are very useful for visitors who want to explore the city on their own. An audio guide will cost about $10 per day.

Show the Way

Having a tour to Jerusalem sites can be a good thing. Sightseers who have a guide will easily learn the facts about Jerusalem. The city has a long history Its history is made up of many different events. The Old City has many streets, back streets and alleys. Jerusalem is a busy city with a lot of people walking about.

There are some areas that are not one hundred percent safe. A good guide will keep you away from these areas. Most of the day there are many tourists on the streets. Local people and visitors will be helpful. The main routes and sites are marked. But an experienced guide is the safest choice.

A Smiling City

There are travelers who want a guide to Jerusalem that have special knowledge. Private tour operators provide guides for this reason. A good example of a special guided walk is called Fables, Myths and Legends, Old City. This tour is professionally put together to include religions, cultures and folk stories. The visitor will be guided through the Old City. Visitors who want to learn about Jerusalem and also be entertained will enjoy a special tour.

This kind of walk around shows a lighter side to the Old City. Visitors can enjoy the humor and lighthearted approach of this guide to Jerusalem. But sightseers can be sure that religious sites are respected. The guide will lead visitors through the alleys and streets of the Jewish and Armenian Quarters. Here they will be told true stories from the past. Special tours are put together to offer something different. A lot of the stories and information is from Talmudic scholars. The Talmud is the oral tradition of Judaism. The study of the Talmud is life long. Their expert biblical knowledge can uncover many remarkable facts about the Old City. This guided tour will show visitors some tombs, sacred stones, ancient walls and holy sites. This tour also uncovers the unique sense of humor in the traditions of Jerusalem.

In Between Tours

When you have made use of a city tour you can go back to a favorite area. Many visitors return to the Armenian Quarter. This is the smallest part of the Old City. The Armenian Quarter has a deep character. In the past this area was lived in by Armenians and Jews. There are still synagogues and mikvas in this area. To the present day one of the synagogues is still owned by the original rabbi’s family. The Armenians came to Jerusalem in the fourth century. Their reason for coming was given as religious.

Bagels at the Jaffa Gate by David Lisbona ©

The Saint James Cathedral was built in the twelfth century. It is built over the ruins of a Byzantine era church. Many visitors say it is the most beautiful church in Israel. In the middle of the building is a dome built on four pillars. Sun shines through the dome lighting up the decorated walls of the church. Saint James is the only church in the quarter. A local Armenian will point out the tavern where you can rest and eat an Armenian meal.

Finishing on Top

A good place to finish is Mount Zion. A guide to Jerusalem will start by walking through the Zion Gate. Before long you will reach a narrow lane. This takes you to the Dormition Abbey and Mount Zion. Mount Zion is a wonderful area to explore. There are many sacred sites on the mount.

It is not certain where the great King David is buried. But his tomb is on the Mount. There is also a small Christian cemetery with the grave of Oskar Schindler. It is covered in stones by countless Jewish well-wishers. Jerusalem is truly a marvelous place where kings and commoners are honored.

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