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Christians Sites in Jerusalem

Christianity is the largest religion in the world. It has its main concentration of followers in Europe and America. But there is a rapid growth of Christianity in Africa and Asia. The Christian writings have a variety of interpretations. This can be seen in the thousands of denominations that exist within the religion. Although they all adhere to different interpretations they all follow the teachings of Jesus. br>The history of a new religion started in Jerusalem. Christian Religion have strong presence in the Holy City in various Christians sites. Christianity is divided into two main sections. Roman Catholicism is the larger of the two. Protestantism was formed by people who broke away from the Roman Catholic Church. Today the three largest sects of the religion are:

  • Roman Catholic

  • Eastern Orthodox

  • Protestant

Sacred Writings

Christians accept the Old Testament as part of their Bible. The Old Testament came from Judaism. The founder of Christianity was also a Jew called Jesus who was born in Bethlehem. Christians believe Jesus is the promised Messiah. His teachings make up the second half of their Bible. This second half is called the New Testament. The New Testament was written by a number of authors. Both the Old and New Testaments are believed to be the Words of God.

To Christians a very important part of the New Testament is the four gospels. These are books giving accounts of the teachings and life of Jesus. The gospels are written from the point of view of people who were close to him. They were written after his death. The New Testament is also an account of the death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus. All of these events are foundational beliefs in Christianity.

Life of Jesus

Christians add Christ to the name of Jesus. This word is not a surname. It comes from the Greek and means ‘anointed one’. The center of the religion is Jesus Christ and his teachings.

Rosary and Crosses Stamped with Jerusalem by Brian Jeffery Beggerly ©

He grew up in what is modern day Israel. Not much is known about his childhood. It is understood that he was a very intelligent and gifted teacher. Jesus taught in parables or simple stories.

When Jesus was about thirty years old he began to travel on foot with his disciples. They taught and preached about the Kingdom of God. According to the New Testament Jesus and his disciples performed miracles such as healing the sick. He had a huge impact on people and large crowds followed him everywhere. Jesus’ message of another kingdom was a threat to the Romans who ruled over the Jewish people. His life was cut short at the age of thirty three years when he was killed by a painful Roman torture called crucifixion.

Holy City

Today, Christians visit sacred Christians Sites in Jerusalem. Christian religion denominations have permission to manage the different places of pilgrimage. Churches have been built over Christian sites that are thought to be the actual spots where certain events in the life of Jesus happened. It is important to the pilgrims to walk in his footsteps. Pilgrims display different ways to show their faith.

The Christians Sites that are most sacred are in Jerusalem. And offer powerful experience for Christians. A site that most probably is what it claims to be is the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. The building is on the site of Golgotha or Calvary. This is where Jesus was crucified. His tomb or sepulcher is also here.

Way of the Cross – Station 8 by Aled Betts ©

The Via Dolorosa is especially meaningful to Christian pilgrims to the Holy City. This is the path that Jesus took after he was condemned to his crucifixion and burial in Jerusalem. Christian religion sects of many kinds do this walk. The Orthodox and Catholic pilgrims make a point of following this path. Over the centuries it has been changed a number of times. LookHere
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Universal Message

Pilgrims believe the most holy city is Jerusalem. Christian religion beliefs all point to the city as being a special location. It was from this city that Jesus and his disciples began to teach the message that was to spread across the world. The foundation of Jesus’ message is the Jewish instruction:

  • To love God

  • To love your neighbor

Jerusalem and the Christian religion are linked together by the millions of faithful who visit the city. Seeing the Jerusalem Christians Sites they hold dear is often a lifetime dream. They come from different backgrounds for the Christian Bible is translated into nearly every language on earth. This is in keeping with their belief in spreading the Christian message to all four corners of the earth.

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