Jerusalem! Fill the Senses:
See, Touch, and Taste.

Welcome to Jerusalem!


Jerusalem Gate by Nitzan Levi ©
Countless stories have been told and songs sung about the sacred city for Jews, Christians and Muslims. Photos and paintings are found in many galleries, books and homes worldwide. It is a subject that is embraced by many cultures of the world.

If you love the holy city as we do, please let us show you around. Take a tour with us to the most amazing places that the city has to offer, ancient architecture, holy places, unique hotels, good restaurants and even the best falafel.

Ancient and Vibrant

The old City has not stopped a modern way of life from growing. This old and new is a mix that many people enjoy. The center of is the old quarter. millions of visitors make their first contact with this magical city in the old part. The modern Jerusalem can be a surprise. This side of the city also has a lot to offer a visitor.

Spice Store by Brian Jeffery Beggerly ©
The city is known by many beautiful names, some of them are: City of David, Zion, Yerushalayim (Hebrew) and Al-Quds (Arabic)

It does not matter which name is used for the city. This location has all that a visitor needs. There is a good balance between the old and new parts. High standards are found in restaurants and accommodation. (designed with support for disabled visitors. These can be found at almost all the historical, religious and natural sites.)

We will show you everything and all that is left for you is to actually experience the sights, sounds and smells that bring this city to life.

Jerusalem does not have to remain a picture for you!